A Global Premium quality Automotive Rubber Component Manufacturing Company, leaders in Building Trust, Innovation,Quality & Sustainability.



Aim to be a long term Market Leader in Automotive Rubber Component Manufacturing Sector, pursuing credibility through timely Deliveries, Safety, value creation, CSR, Innovation and Respect to Customers.



Honesty is the quality which are priceless. In today’s cut-throat competition this value is the most important one. ACCURUB’s honesty reflects in our drive to accomplish our desired quality and delivery date, no matter what the situation is. As we have developed the reputation of delivering the results and accomplishing tasks, our clients are always confident about us. By virtue of being honest and sincere, ACCURUB assures its best services at all times.


Empathy is ACCURUB’s virtue while dealing with any Customer, Employee or Vendor related problems, complaints and discontent. It can a challenge to deal with persons lost in emotions. Empathy is the ability to share or understand the feelings of others. It's an essential element of everyday relationships and is equally powerful in our B2B relationships.


Integrity is one of the ACCURUB’s fundamental values that clients seek in the vendor. It is the hallmark of a company who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. ACCURUB’s integrity reflects it in in relationships with clients, employees and other stakeholders.


A strong work ethic is vital for ACCURUB to achieving its goals. From the CEO to entry-level worker. everyone ensures a good work ethic to keep the company functioning at its peak. Our work ethic is our belief that hard work and due diligence has benefit for our productivity, reputation, and growth.


Taking pride in work brings more achievements and improves ACCURUB’s value and growth. As our clients trust us, we feel a sense of confidence and pride at work. Building trust with our clients and vendors brings us pride to do our work. Our ethically positive, healthy work culture enhances confidence and pride among employees.

About us

ACCURUB is Polymer Division of India’s leading automotive manufacturer Accurate Group. It was established in year 2012. The vision behind to start a new company was to serve customers ready to use Finished Automotive Rubber Components, Metal to rubber Bonded Anti-Vibration Components. The focus was components and assemblies for Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles in global markets. Mr. H.S Madaan, a visionary laid the foundation of Accurate Group in year 1995, in Pune, India.

His global vision and strong character took the Group to new heights even after several periods of adversity and against all odds. Backed by more than two decades of experience, today Accurate is evolved as a premium steel tube manufacturer with the capacity of producing approx. 18, 000 Metric Tonnes of precision tubes per annum. Innovation, hard work and commitment are embodied in the DNA of the Company. It is aspiring to touch each and every Industrial & Mainly Automotive sector.

To reach global platforms, we make a continuous effort to improve our manufacturing process , to relentless research and development in Tubing, Rubber Polymers and strive for of technical expertise. ACCURUB was started with a vision to enhance Value Addition and Value Engineering for our customers globally for integrated manufacturing of all Rubber-Metal Bonded Products and thus making the group with manufacturing facilities from Steel Tubes up to sheet metal and Finished Anti-Vibration Components.